Torelli Paint-on-Order program

While our steel frames and forks are made in Italy, we import them into the US unpainted. This puts the decision of paint colors, paint scheme and decal setup into your hands. Torelli uses high quality automotive grade paints that offer a beautiful finish that is durable and chip-resistance.

While a single standard color paint finish is included with the frame, we can do customization as well. We offer the ability to do panels, fades or custom colors. See the Frame Gallery  to see how you can personalize your frame.

Standard Paint Colors

Designer Color Pallete 


For that classic purist rider, we also offer custom chrome and nickel plating.  Our plating is a three-dip process that starts out with the frame being meticulously polished in the areas that are going to have the plating shown, typically lugs and the rear triangle.  The first dip is copper, which acts as a self leveler to the steel frame substrate.  The copper is then prepped and buffed for a layer of bright nickel.  The frame is buffed and polished again before the final layer of chromium is applied via electroplating.  From there the frame goes to paint, where all portions of the frame that will display chrome are masked.  The painted areas get a light sand to improve adhesion and paint is applied.

In addition to chrome plating we offer black nickel which has the copper and bright nickel applied similar to the chrome, but is finished with a black varnish that gives it a dark reflective smoky finish.



Decal layout is completely customization. With flags? No flags? No decals on seat tube? Head badge decal on the seat tube panel? We can customize the whole layout at no extra charge. Just work with your dealer and let us know when ordering and we will work through the details.